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Creative Collaborations

Creative Collaborations

I love alone time in the studio, tinkering and thinking in solitude. But I always get excited for moments when I get to work with other artists and liven up the studio with fresh takes and new practices. 

This summer, I'm working with my friend and fellow artist Lisa B. Woods on a "secret" project and as we're in the studio together I've reflected on how collaboration informs so much of my artistic practice. 

For large installation projects, like TopoGraph or InMotion, I get to work with teams of engineers, fabricators, designers, and expert installation teams to make ideas come to life. While I was working on TopoGraph I was able to work closely with my client to dream up a project that visualized my ideas alongside their mission. During the fabrication of InMotion I had the opportunity to work alongside expert glass artists to think through creative solutions. For my upcoming Houston Airport project, I've teamed up with a group of engineers and architects to bring technical expertise to the installation process. 

Even after artworks are completed, I still work with photographers (like my friend Scott David Gordon) to capture the work and share it with my wider online community. 

Another part of my collaborative practice is supporting artists around the world. We're all part of the same creative community and it feels important to support artists like Buli who keep traditional arts alive with their own creative practice. I use Kiva to find artists I would otherwise never encounter. I learn so much from their stories and am inspired to dig deeper into my own work knowing there is a whole world of artists making new work every day. 

Here's to working together on more beautiful projects! 

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