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The KaleidoscopiCave

The KaleidoscopiCave

As a part of the Vision Gland Collective, I had the opportunity to build an interactive art installation, The KaleidoscopiCave. Inspired greatly by geometric abstraction, I played with different forms and angles of the three-dimensional space.

Prismatic at Flexspace

I was so honored to be selected to be part of the Texas Sculpture Group's exhibition at Texas State Art Galleries Curated by Chad Dawkins.  

Heading West Commission in Denver

It was a great birthday present to find out that my Heading West piece sold!  I returned to Denver to create a custom layout for the piece and help with the installation in my client's home.  It is so great to see the work in a space where it glows and it will be appreciated every day!  

Color Wonder at Walker Fine Art

I've been playing with a thinking about this project for a long time!  Color, shadow, and materials have always fascinated me and all three elements came together in this series that I created and exhibited at Walker Fine Art in Denver.  


Under the Overpass

Dance Waterloo and Jonny Rogers Music created a beautiful magical performance on one of the coldest nights I've ever experienced in Austin.

Skylines Installation

In collaboration with Rodolofo Magnus and Hanna Lupico we created Skylines for the City of Austin Tempo Program.