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Healing Art

I've always believed art and healing go hand in hand and there is a long history of art in heath care settings. I really enjoyed reading this Artnet article which dives into the different eras of art in healing settings and it gave me some context for a recent installation I completed at the Berkeley Kaiser Permanente Medical Office. 
While I've had the opportunity to install my work in several heath care settings,  this Berkeley installation was extra special because it meant I had the chance to return to the Bay Area, which I once called home, and bring art to a brand new heath care setting. 
As this past year has been so arduous for healthcare workers and overwhelming for patients, this installation in Berkeley was a wonderful opportunity to brighten the hallways where healers are at work. Since my work centers so much on the wonder and beauty all around us, it feels right that this work brings joy to visitors at this incredible hospital. 
Here are a few of my favorite photos from install:
Wall Garden planning.
 Melissa Borrell - Raining Down Color - Berkeley Kaiser Permanente  
Raining Down Color on the stairs.         Tree Lace above a seating respite. 
And here are the finished works:
Raining Down Color.                                 Tree Lace.               
    Wall Garden
You can find more information on these works here, here, and here. 
On the last day of install, I had the chance to witness the reactions of healthcare workers who were moving into the building. While patients find comfort in this work during their healing process, these incredible healers live with these artworks day to day while they work. Knowing these artworks make a positive impact on their daily lives, bringing them joy and a reminder of all the beauty in the world, I couldn't help but smile. 
I am curious if you've had experiences with art in a health care setting: was there a time you encountered artwork in a hospital, doctors office, or healing space that brought you relief, joy, or even a sense of calm?

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