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Houston Airport

Houston Airport

I am thrilled to share that I was selected for a commission by the Houston Airport System. You can read about the process in this Houston Chronicle article by Treyvon Waddy: 

Houston Airport System selects Texas artists for public art at Bush, Hobby

Ten Texas-based artists, both individuals and groups, were selected and commissioned last Tuesday to create on-site pieces for Bush Intercontinental Airport and Hobby Airport terminals. The investment is an effort by the Houston Airport System to not only beautify their airports, but to also support the local art community with commissions.

Artists selected for the massive project include Animalis Works, Colby Deal, Cruz Ortiz, Input Output (Billy Baccam and Alex Ramos), Janavi Mahimtura Folmsbee, Melissa Borrell, Peter Hite, R&R&R (Ryan Takaba, Robert Diaz de Leon, and Ronny Nickels), William Cannings, and Xavier Schipani.

“The selection was approximately a year long,” said Public Art Director and Curator Alton Dulaney. “We started out by doing a general call for qualification. And this call was specifically for Texas artists. We really wanted to spend the money to support the local art community.”

Following the application process, panels were held by jurors and experts who interviewed the artists individually. Proposals from the artists were seen, reviewed, and gradually narrowed down to a handful of ideas for the pieces.

Final proposals have been completed for six of the 10 works, and artists have already begun creating. Installation for the new works should begin as early as February, and by the end of the summer, “nearly all” of the works should be completed, per Dulaney.

According to Dulaney, 59 million passengers were served by Bush Intercontinental Airport in 2019 alone, making for roughly one million-plus passengers a week who will now be seeing the artwork created by these individuals.

“It’s really amazing,” said Dulaney. “Personally, I’m an artist. I’ve been active in the community, and I understand the importance of this. These are our people. You can imagine the pride that these artists have in getting their work in this very important public art collection that will be seen by literally millions of passengers, including them, their friends and their families.”

Each artist is working independently on each of the 10 pieces. Five works will be displayed at Bush Intercontinental Airport, for each of its respective terminals. One will be going into the Houston Airport Systems Administrative Building, and the remaining four works will be displayed at Hobby Airport.

Dulaney says that pieces will also be created as part of Houston Airports’ IAH Terminal Redevelopment Program. Six pieces are planned to be created for the new Mickey Leland International Terminal D pier gates currently in development. For these pieces, Houston Airports are looking to Houston artists specifically.

“We thought it would really be cool to work with Houston artists and really establish that sense of place,” explained Dulaney. “And really show the diversity, talent, and everything that makes Houston, Houston.”

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