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Cluster Dynamics Projects

Cluster Dynamics is part of my Micro/Macro Landscapes Projects in which I make three dimensional art forms out of various materials that imply growth and change. They creep across the surface twisting and turning in different directions creating a sense of slow but continuing movement. Math and geometry as well as nature inspire the forms that I create. Referencing microscopic organisms, geological formations, architectural structures, and celestial bodies these landscapes suggest utopian futuristic worlds as well as the organic and built world that surrounds us though often goes un-noticed.

As a sculpture artist, I start by creating a system: determining the material, size and angles that control the way I build the three dimensional forms. Using these geometric rules as a starting point my intuitive sense of balance guides the form to grows and evolve much in the way that a plant, cells, planets, seeds, and people gather and scatter in the world. The overall shape is a result of utilizing the parameters of the system but also allowing it to develop into a form that is much more than the sum of its parts. Balancing complexity with chaos these flowing forms evoke the beauty of patterns and systems that are all around us in both the natural and built world.

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