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Raining Down Color Projects

Raining Down Color is part of my Color Wonder ProjectsColor is truly magical; mix two colors together and end up with a third and entirely different color. Its a phenomenon that we learn about as children but we usually take for granted this fantastical effect that exists in our everyday world. I never tire of combining different colors together and watching them blend before my eyes. Using acrylic sheets as my “paint” this work embodies my enchantment with color. I layer the material to create deeper and more complex colors in the same way that paint is layered and mixed. Working with a palate of six colors for this series and layering the material, I have an infinite number of possible colors work with.

My love of translucence, light and color is a tread that runs through my work across all mediums. Inspired and influenced by artists whose work I admire, the essence of this body of work is the exploration of color theory but the implications of the work go beyond the formal elements. In a world that seems to become more and more complicated day by day, I want to bring to light the magic that surrounds us all the time and share this sense of wonder I feel about the world. I am enchanted by the interplay of light, color and geometry in both natural and abstract worlds.

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