Multicolor Tree Lace

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  • Multicolor Tree Lace
  • Multicolor Tree Lace
  • Multicolor Tree Lace
What is the difference between a necklace and a drawing? How does your
perception of an image change with your knowledge of its function? I want to continue
explore the perception of space and image in multiple ways. I am interested in the
intersections between art and design, functional and visual art. I want to create work that will challenge a viewer’s preconceived ideas about space, art, and functionality.
Starting from a the images of tree branches against the sky in winter, I created the “Tree
Lace” shape as an interpretation of that image pared down to a graphic shape. I originally developed the shape as a necklace that can also hang on the wall when not being worn. In rubber its function as a necklace is not apparent when it is viewed independent of the body. There is no signal from the piece that it can be worn also. I question the line between
different art and design disciplines as well as the material choices that we automatically
associate with different fields.