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Polychrome Hallway - Financial Management Firm (Austin, TX)

PolyChrome Hallway
Digital Print
12 ft x 52 ft
Financial Management Firm, Austin, TX

PolyChrome Hallway brings viewers’ attention to the space around them by playing with qualities of illusion and perception. The long hallway space is a transition point in the building taking visitors from the entry of the building to the stairs. By activating this space, the dramatic print creates a moment of unexpected excitement. The digital print is an extension of my color explorations in 3D acrylic work and painted murals. Here again I shifted in scale, using larger architectural sized shapes. Through graphic tools, I was able to play with colors in a different way than I had in the past. The shift in medium (from paint and acrylic to digital print) allowed me to layer shapes and colors to create a sense of drama in a space that was otherwise forgotten. I love experimenting with different techniques and materials and want to stretch my creativity with new challenges as much as possible.