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August News

  • Indigo to Shibori: A Japanese Tradition

    (From Lynne Brotman)

    August 21st - September 25th: upcoming solo exhibit at
    Tokyo Electron Lobby Gallery
    2400 Grove Blvd/East Riverside Drive
    *Reception and a brief presentation will open at 6 pm on the 21st.
    This is a culmination of my Shibori fiber art after an artist residency in Japan for 6 weeks studying with a Master (Sensei) Shibori artisan. 


  • WPA Retail Space

    July 28th-September 12th: The WPA Studio is dedicating the front of its studio space for member based retail sales. Items will be rotated as the space is divided between Member Retail Markets and Featured Artists. There will be two First Friday events at Canopy.  Some of the items currently available are cards, scarves, cell phone cases, towels and of course, framed and unframed prints. The first Featured Artist, showcasing the work of Jo Lagattuta will follow, September 15 through October 10.


  • Thursday Open Studio Night

    The WPA studio is open every Thursday night, 6-9 PM for anyone interested in talking about printmaking, getting information about current WPA workshops or just checking out our new retail space.


  • From Jamie Wade

    The second Lark Ceramics book this year to show my work came out this summer. This one is an instructional book called "Making Faces: A Guide to Modeling the Head & Face with Clay." I am also the Texas Clay Arts Association's Featured Artist for July and August.
    As Featured Artist, there is a solo show of my work and an interview style article that has been published on the T.C.A.A.'s website It includes mentions of the books and links to my website, Canopy's website and more. 

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