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September News

Peggy Weiss

Peggy Weiss is heading to Malaga, Spain mid September for the 3rd Biennial of Fine Art and Documentary Photography exhibit at the Heritage Municipal Museum. She will have 10 fine art photographs and her experimental short video on exhibit. 
She and Inez Batlio are hoping to hook up in Barcelona for art gallery touring and wine. 

Art Science Gallery

We have an opening on Saturday, Sept 13th 7-10pm for Go Ahead and Do It: Portraits of Women in Science
We have an off-campus opening at Barton Springs for an encore exhibit of Year of the Salamander at the Beverly Scheffield Education Center at Barton Springs (near the Splash! exhibit; 2201 Barton Springs Raoad) Sunday Sept 14th 4-6pm.

September Tea Time

September Tea Times
Sept 3rd Lynne Brotman, Bldg 1 #213
Sept 10th Maria Montoya Hohenstein, Bldg 1 #118
Sept 17th Modern Rocks Gallery, Bldg 3 #103
Sept 24th 

Hollis Hammonds

Steve Kramer Memorial Gallery

Austin Community College

Rio Grande Campus

Exhibition Title: Salvaged

Artist: Hollis Hammonds


Reception: Sept. 4th6-8 p.m.

Exhibition Dates: Sept. 2nd-Oct. 2nd, 2014

Lecture: Sept. 4th5 p.m.?, location?

Hollis Hammonds (studio #220) will present Salvaged, new drawings and installation works at the Steve Kramer Memorial Gallery at the ACC Rio Grande Campus from September 2-October 2, 2014. Her creative works range in media from charcoal on paper to ink on Mylar, to found object sculptural installations. Drawn from personal experiences and sensationalist news coverage of countless disasters, Hammonds' works question consumerist culture through evidence of accumulation, hoarding and collecting.  

The title Salvaged references rescued or retrieved items, as in debris snagged in a fisherman’s net, or mementos unearthed after a house fire. The nets in Hammonds’ work are not used for fishing, but rather as collection devices, filled with man-made objects, wreckage and lost possessions.

An artist lecture and reception will be held on Friday, September 4th at the Rio Grande Campus. You can see more of her creative work at http://hollishammonds.comHer direct contact information is &512-565-9392.


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