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3D Printed Jewelry at STORY in New York

One of the many fun things to happen this summer was being contacted by New York based boutique, STORY. The dynamic boutique changes concepts every six weeks, embarking on a new theme each time. The theme for September and October is Style.Tech, which is an exciting new shopping experience that investigates the integration of fashion, technology, and product design. STORY was really excited about the 3D printed jewelry and thought the jewelry to be a perfect fit for their latest theme! Some other exclusives include a blazer that charges mobile phones, 3D printed high heels, a cocktail ring with Bluetooth that delivers notifications from your phone, and even wearable tech accessories for dogs and babies. This is such a fun concept and is a thrill to be a part of.The innovative concept lasts until October 5, so be sure to check out the new experience if you’re in the neighborhood.

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Creative Collaborations

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