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Berkeley Healthcare Installation

Berkeley Healthcare Installation

I lived in the Bay Area from 1997-2003 and always get excited to return to the city I once called home.  Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to work on a commission in Berkeley, CA with Chandra Cerrito Art Advisors. I loved being in Berkeley for the installation- I was able to visit old friends and studio mates when I was there and reminisce about my early years as an artist in SF. 

Here's an excerpt from Chandra Cerrito Art Advisors on the theme of the project: 

"The client was looking to reflect the 'story' of the city of Berkeley, purchasing artworks by artists working in, or with strong ties to Berkeley and the East Bay.

Multiple artworks reflect the 'feel' of the city through themes of environmentalism, higher education, and the city’s architecture. Artworks were to be uplifting as well as calming, while incorporating a full-spectrum of color."

Raining Down Color Berkeley California Kaiser Permanente Melissa Borrell

Raining Down Color, 2021

Chandra Cerrito Art Advisors describes how my three dimensional acrylic wall sculpture, Raining Down Color "picks up light from the lobby's two-story windows, and it’s dynamic form invites users up the stairs to the second level of the building."

You can see more images and a video of Raining down Color here

I am lucky to have my work installed near a stunning twelve foot oil painting by artist Maya Kabat titled Re:Configuration, which "calls upon the calming, healing power of water."

I have two additional powder-coated metal installations upstairs in the medical offices. Chandra Cerrito Art Advisors describes these as "dynamic, dimensional works that aid patient way-finding, creating visual interest for wait areas as well as demarcate public space from department interiors."

Spring Wall Garden Berkeley California Kaiser Permanente Melissa Borrell

Spring Wall Garden, 2021

Tree Lace Berkeley California Kaiser Permanente Melissa Borrell

Tree Lace, 2021

You can see more of my Wall Garden and Tree Lace installations here

Thank you for bringing me onto this project and for the kind words Chandra Cerrito Art Advisors! 

You can learn more about Chandra Cerrito Art Advisors on their website here

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