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Inspiration behind "In Motion" at Texas Tech

My latest project, In Motion, is for the Texas Tech athletic department in Lubbock, TX. It was important for the installation to capture the Texas Tech spirit and its rich history.

I did extensive research for the project on the history of the school and its mascot. The main inspiration for this piece came from the Masked Rider mascot, the nations first mascot to feature a live horse. This celebrated mascot is rooted in the history of the university and directly related to the Spanish architecture of the campus.

As the main inspiration came from the Masked Rider and the piece will be installed in the athletics department, I wanted to convey a sense of movement and transformation in my work. After research on using vibrations and movement in art I was inspired by an old animation technique that uses lines to create motion and a sense of movement. With this research I wanted In Motion to capture the movement of running horses.

What immediately came to my mind was The Horse in Motion, a series of photographs consisting of a galloping horse, the result of a photographic experiment by Eadweard Muybridge on June 15, 1878. During this time, the details of how objects move were unknown as the human eye, unaided, cannot resolve the details of fast motion.

Muybridge was hired by Leland Stanford to photograph horses. He set up a row of cameras with tripwires, each of which would trigger a picture for a split second as the horse ran by. The images of a horse caught at different phases of a run is iconic in art history as it was a pivotal part of the history of photography.

The material for the piece will be layers of fused glass panels in red and black, Texas Tech's school colors. It's exciting to be creating this piece in glass as translucence, color, light, and shadow are always key elements in my work.



The process of designing In Motion was very different from my usual process as I had to meet very specific requirements while still incorporating my sense of art style and creativity. It's been a long and extensive design process, and I'm excited to finally install this piece later this year! Stay tuned!

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