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The KaleidoscopiCave

The KaleidoscopiCave

As a part of the Vision Gland Collective, I had the opportunity to build an interactive art installation, The KaleidoscopiCave. Inspired greatly by geometric abstraction, I played with different forms and angles of the three-dimensional space.

Miami Art Fairs 2016

Spectacular materials, shimmering surfaces, and never-ending textures captured my attention all weekend long!

Art at City Hall

This year my CMY Accordion was selected to be a part of the People's Gallery at City Hall.   ...

Shadow Dreams

The Art Alliance Austin invited me to create a piece for the Downtown Holiday Stroll.  For this project I wanted to create an immersive installation that would invite the viewers to be a part of the piece.  

GloWave's New Home(s)

The illuminating project, GloWave, has found two new homes since its original residence at Stacey...