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Shadow Dreams

The Art Alliance Austin invited me to create a piece for the Downtown Holiday Stroll.  For this project I wanted to create an immersive installation that would invite the viewers to be a part of the piece.  

We lucked out with a beautiful cool night that made it feel like winter here in Texas!  Everyone was in the holiday spirit and I was overwhelmed with the excitement about the Shadow Dream.  The line went down the block as people waited for their turn to go inside this magical world of shadows. 

As participants enter the dome filled with silvery chains that drip from above, sparkling and making dreamy shadows that surround the space.  Lights inside the tent project shadows of the shapes onto all of the surfaces.  Participants are given a flashlight and shadow puppet when they walk into this world which they can use to make the shadows dance on the walls of the tent.  These shadows are also be visible from the outside of the tent, always changing and moving as the lights move inside.

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Creative Collaborations

Creative Collaborations

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