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3 new sculptures chosen for Yountville Art Walk


"Hy-Parabolic" is an art installation by Melissa Borrell of Austin, Texas

More than three dozen artworks on display in downtown Yountville may soon gain company.

Three installations from Florida, Texas and Canada have gained the blessing of the Upvalley resort town’s Arts Commission to be shown as part of the Yountville Art Walk. If the creators can agree on locations with town officials, the artworks would arrive as soon as this summer and remain visible to tourists and passers-by for up to two years.

On Monday, the commission selected three works out of 11 entries – “Slices of Heaven” by Craig Gray of Key West, “Leaf Weathervane” by Doug Taylor of Vancouver, British Columbia, and “Hy-Parabolic” by Melissa Borrell of Austin, Texas.

A 20-foot-high array of four orange wedge forms in concrete, stucco and steel, “Slices of Heaven” – one of several similar creations by Gray – previously was exhibited in Bonita Springs, Florida and also is scheduled for a showing in Chicago, according to Samantha Holland, Yountville parks and recreation director.

“Leaf Weathervane” is a 10-foot-long, leaf-shaped mesh of stainless steel, mounted to a swivel and designed to turn 360 degrees in a breeze or wind. A version of the vane was installed in the rooftop garden of the Vancouver Performing Arts Lodge in 2014, according to Taylor’s website.

The third artwork, “Hy-Parabolic,” is an array of steel strings forming an upward curve and downward slope within the 90-degree angle formed by two 8-foot-tall panels.

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