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Starry Night Nostalgia

My stay at Starry Night turned out to be a magical return to my childhood.  I had my own little cabin (studio apartment) that made me feel like I was 12 years old and at camp. I kept the windows open to let in the cool, dry desert air and I could hear the gate swinging open as people came and left the courtyard.


As the days went I remembered more and more childhood experiences and indulged myself in reliving them. It all started with Fig Newtons. I bought a box of them at Bullock's, the local market a couple blocks away. One bite took me back to spending the night at my grandparents' house when I was little.  It just snowballed from there; I found a copy of A Wrinkle in Time on the bookshelf in my room and pretty soon I was packing myself peanut butter on crackers and an apple and hopping on the baby blue bike with the book in the basket and looking for the perfect tree to read under.


At the dollar store my "camp friend" Ehren and I got silly excited about fluorescent poster board in all colors and came back to Starry Night giggling about our treasures. I also scored a crystal growing kit, ring pops and glow sticks.So, I'd say the theme of the residency for me was play. And that worked out just fine. As I experimented with glitter, fluorescent paper, string and glue everyday my mind exploded with new ideas and images. I went on a inspiring field trip to the City of Rocks, got to visit a haunted bar, watched the sunset from the water tower, had bonfires on the beach, and made new friends.  Just what camp should be. 


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Creative Collaborations

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Your description really took me back as well. A wrinkle in time being the key! You nailed it.