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3D Printshow 2012

I’m excited to announce that this October, some of my work will be featured in London as part of the 3D Printshow 2012! The 3-day event will showcase the artistic possibilities now available with 3D printing technology and will include a live show, trade day, workshops & seminars. It’s shaping up to be a really cool show!

Inspired by the upcoming 3D Printshow, I’ve really been enjoying looking at other artists who use 3D printing to create their art. Niccolo Casas, Jo Hayes-Ward & Ross Barber are among the designers whose work will appear in the live show, and I’ve loved looking through each of their online portfolios over the last several days! Check out some of their 3D printed designs…



Niccolo Casas (l-r: Alchemy, Angels - front, Angels - back)




Jo Hayes-Ward (l-r: Random Oval Necklace, P4 Square Brooch, 2 Edge Bangle)



Ross Barber (all from his A Wrong Mongrel collection)

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