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summer and sculpture

Welcome to my brand new website! I've been working on it for the past few months and am so excited to launch it!

Here in Austin, summer is already well underway.  We haven't quite hit 100 yet but we're getting up there.  Any chance I get I'm jumping in some water to cool off.  

Earlier this month I traveled to San Antonio to attend Scale: A Gathering of Sculptors, a conference & symposium highlighting the works of several internationally renowned sculptors like Gudjon Bjarnasson (from Iceland) and Ivano Vitali (from Italy). It was so great to meet other artists from Texas as well as around the world all in one place.  I really enjoyed Alice Aycock’s presentation—she’s been creating sculptural installations for the last four decades and has had works displayed in MoMA and the National Gallery, among others. If you’ve traveled through Washington, D.C.’s Dulles Airport recently, you might recognize this (Aycock’s Game of Flyers Part II):

Another beautiful airport art installation is the eCLOUD, found in the San Jose International Airport. The eCLOUD (seen below and at the top of this page) is a sculpture made from polycarbonate tiles that hang from the ceiling and adjust based on real time weather patterns from around the world. Depending on which city the eCLOUD is "listening to," the sculpture's appearance shifts between transparent and white in order to depict that city's current weather conditions. Pretty cool!

I'll be sharing more inspirations here so come back soon.  In the meantime, stay cool...

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