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The funny thing is I'm really kind of old fashioned.  I was one of the last people I knew to get a cell phone.  And I still prefer talking on the phone to texting.  But I really love technology when it comes to making art.  I started exploring industrial production methods when I was in graduate school and now all of these tools are even more accessible.  I created my first 3D printed work last fall and then earlier this year I was really excited to be invited to be a part of the 3D Print Show that's happening in London this fall.  I'm working on creating some new pieces for the exhibition.  Its all still a work in progress right now.  But take a look at all of the amazing work that is being created with this technology: from kites, to lamps, shoes, ceramics, furniture, clothing, and of course jewelry.  




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summer and sculpture

Creative Collaborations

Creative Collaborations

New Installation- FlowerFall


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Totally awesome stuff! Hard to even conceive of this in my generation….