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Casas de Brincar

I spent my summer in Messejana, Portugal for a residency and painted a special mural at the local playground.
I was inspired by the geometry of the Alentejan architecture. I loved the shapes I saw as I walked around the village every morning and took pictures of the sun reflecting off the minimal forms of the houses. 
Taking colors from the local flowers and shapes from the houses I came up with these playful abstract shapes to surround the playground and invite people into the circle.
I rose with the sun every morning to beat the heat and paint in the bright July sun of Messejana.
The best part of my residency and this project was meeting the people of Messejana. There were locals everyday walking past me while I was painting telling me how much they loved the colors.
Manuel was painting a white wall nearby and I saw him every day as I worked.  His wife, Hildeberta, walked by every day too.
There was the baker who worked all night and his wife who sold the bread in the morning. The cafe owners who supplied me with my morning coffee and gave me a place for a midday break.
The project was created for them and it was so gratifying to hear their appreciation. Thank you, Messejana!

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Creative Collaborations

Creative Collaborations

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