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Story of Micro/Macro Landscapes

Story of Micro/Macro Landscapes

My Micro/Macro Landscapes collection grows and evolves much in the way that plants, cells, planets, seeds, and people gather and scatter. The fluid and complex forms found in these wall installations evoke different patterns and systems that surround us in both the organic and built world.


Before this collection came to be the grand wall installations it is now, it consisted of much smaller pieces.


I started Micro/Macro Landscapes with framed pieces, focusing on the delicate and intricate nature of matter. Using Mylar, a medium that is very soft and flexible, I was able to translate different textures and patterns that were in my mind into the frame.



When I saw my framed pieces, my mind began to wonder what it would feel like to be emerged in it, to experience the piece as if from inside the frame. That is when I decided to make bigger installations.The hardest challenge with this particular collection was I needed to make it durable while keeping it look light and delicate.


With “Wave,” I went from using Mylar to durable plastic. While the wall installation looks as delicate as the Mylar piece, it is much more heavy-duty and resistant.

With the right medium, I was able to revive my framed pieces into life-size installations that are full of movement and texture. The Micro/Macro Landscapes collection is a constant reminder of how far I have come as an artist.

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