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Magic is in the Details

Magic is in the Details


(Pictured art: Cluster Dynamics)

Looking at completed wall installations, hardware is probably not thought about very often as a viewer. So much more engineering and carefully-calculated plans go into the hidden parts of the artwork than one would think.


(Pictured art: The Fractal Nature of Things)

The hardware for a well-made installation goes unseen as it is meant to be invisible to the viewer’s eye. Every custom commission is unique, which results in a constant state of hardware challenges.

The installation process is detailed and thought out very clearly. It involves how to put the different pieces of the artwork together and how to hang it on a wall while making sure the art itself is not disturbed.


(Pictured art: Fractal Nature)

The majority of my artwork is created by individual elements that are arranged together to become one three-dimensional installation. A critical part of installing this kind of artwork is making sure the parts blend seamlessly into one another and look like a unified artwork.

The goal is to make it look like one whole installation rather than ten different pieces hanging next to each other. To make this happen, I need an exact plan and execution for the perfect fit.


I like to start off the installation process by making a model of the art piece and trying out different screws and anchor pieces. In this way I am able to figure out all the details without damaging the art.

With my Cluster Dynamics commission, there is a raised wood lining at the back of the installation to hide the hardware used for wall attachment. For clear instructions, I trace the installation onto paper and map out the hardware locations for the installers to use.


The many hours of hardware work that go into creating installations can often be overlooked when completed.

From picking the type of medium to use (read about it here) to the hardware process that is involved, installation art is so much more than just art itself. Just remember - if you can’t see it, I have done my job! 

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