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ArtBeat Magazine

ArtBeat Magazine

Walker Fine Art: Experimental Surroundings – Current Exhibition

Wendy L. Pitton 

The synchronicity of artist and gallery are more than the suggested coincidence in timeBobbi Walker, owner of Walker Fine Art candidly shares her thoughts on the current exhibition and the synergy that artist and gallery share as well as the cohesiveness of all.

“Art is healing to the viewer and artists need a way to get their voices out. They are the harbingers of our time, they are our storytellers and providing them an avenue is important to me. It is completely rewarding to see a collector see something which causes their heart lift. I know these collectors are working so hard in their daily lives and moving so fast, that to find something that they can put in their home, and every single time they turn the corner their heart can lift,” Walker pauses “You know, that's why I do what I do.”

Current exhibition, Experimental Surroundings, features the work of Heather Patterson, Melissa Borrell, Chris DeKnikker, Deidre Adams, Kim Ferrer and David Mazza. The exhibition itself it a unique combination of 2D wall mounted art and 3D sculptural art, each offering multiple dimensions.











Above: The Fractal Nature of Things


Some of the artists represented at this exhibition have been in Walker’s repertoire since her business began and she only selects a handful of new artists every year.

Each exhibition is a combination of a well thought out plan, dynamic creative energy, artist statements for a theme and art that works well aesthetically together. When planning the next exhibition, the Walker team will send out an email to the list of artists and ask them to send a draft of their concept. The artists will then send back images of what they are working on. Due to the size of Walker Fine Arts artists list, they are hosting more group shows, which is why they reach out to their artists in this manner. “Aesthetically if I have five artists that go together, but narratively they don’t, then they go into a different month. We keep working with the statements and the aesthetics until the rubrics cube clicks,” Walker states.

Art created by the artist is as important as the gallery who showcases the art. The synergy that is created when the two are joined is spectacular. Such is the case with Experimental Surroundings.

In the Denver area or planning a trip to Colorado? I suggest that you place Walker Fine Art on your calendar as a destination. Current exhibition is on view through November 4, 2017 with a First Friday Closing Reception on November 3 from 5pm-8pm.

Walker Fine Art is located in the heart of the Golden Triangle Arts District, 300 W 11th Avenue, Suite #A, Denver, Colorado 80204

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